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Oh boy! … or girl

Looks like a small human (with a very distinguished profile) is going to be making an appearance in the Olson household in 2018.

We had been toying with the idea of 2017 being the year of the opening the family door for a while. So barely two months before little bub showed up, we started the “Baby Fund” line item in the budget. Yep. Our baby’s first “appearance” was in our budget. But I didn’t take it deadly seriously. It was just meant to be symbolic of a slight shift. A dinky $200 towards something that might never even happen. But looking back, I think this was more than just a new line in the budget. It was a way for us to irrefutably document our decision to give this crazy thing a shot, together.

Honestly, this area is one of the few things where I have felt a gap of understanding between me and our clients. I’ve paid off debt when I’d rather go in vacation. I’ve scrimped and scraped to save an emergency fund. I’ve bought a house. I can personally commiserate with all that. But supporting kids? It’s just not something that I have had to do.

But here we are.

Trying our best to plan and prepare for the unknowable.

Every day I have doubts. Have we put enough away? How can I make sure the business keeps humming in my absence? Will it be healthy? Will having a biological kid totally mess up all my adoption plans? Holy moly, what about college? Am I literally going to shift from human to animal from sleep deprivation? Labor?! I can’t even…

But the horrifying truth is, we are all looking into the dark when it comes to the future. There is nothing guaranteed about life, let alone the next five minutes. All we can do is commit to learn from whatever gets sent our way to help ourselves and those around us.

Thanks in advance tribe for your support. We look forward to sharing parts of this new journey with you all.

Now I’m gonna go get some more sleep.