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The Art of Finance is a fee-based financial planning firm dedicated to helping creative minds negotiate the complexities of personal finance.
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A fee-based Financial Planning firm dedicated to helping creative minds negotiate the complexities of personal finance.

A New Concept

Philip Olson, CFP® and his wife Julia Lorenz-Olson founded the Art of Finance in order to enrich the lives of others through a financial planning process that addresses BOTH emotional and technical challenges. By doing so, they enable clients to consistently make their visions for life into a reality, no matter the circumstance.

Philip and Julia are artists who understand the needs of fellow creatives, especially when it comes to planning for the future. You’ll see the difference right away and you’ll only be sorry you didn’t find us sooner. Philip is a proud member of NAPFA, a CFP Professional, member of XY Planning Network, and the Fee Only Network. As featured on:

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Unlike many financial planners whose focus is on sales, we are focused on helping you reach your goals in an easy-to-navigate, affordable manner.


We know your journey is unique, so our priority is helping you navigate the road ahead in a way that fits your goals and dreams.


We focus on helping creatives and artists because that's who we know best. Why? Because we're artists ourselves.


We know your schedule is full, that's why we offer our services in a flexible way that works with your busy lifestyle. Whether in person, virtually or on the phone, we're here for you!


We believe our clients are the best, that's why you'll find a CFP® at our helm. It's the highest accreditation in our industry and it's what you deserve.


We care about our clients like family. We know that your assets are important--that's why helping you make the most of what you've earned is our heartbeat.

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