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Remember how in my last post I was telling you that Creatives could be winning with money? I told you I’d send you some practical next steps to help you start to gain some traction. And here they are. Let’s jump right in!


I hear creatives tell me that they just can’t get in front of the right decision makers. That the small annoying details of growing a business or brand are wearing you down.  And maybe you feel the overwhelming urge to jump off a bridge when you think about filing your quarterly taxes. Hey, we’ve all been there. But believe me, there’s hope.




Here’s three simple and powerful tools to begin unlocking the potential inside your creative brain.  Just one has the potential to take your game to the next level. And like anything, you actually have to start. So here we go:



Change Your Language  
So, you know how you tell everybody ‘I’m terrible at details’ or ‘Math’s not my strong suit’? Guess what — you’re making it more true every time you state it out loud. You start to believe it. So try is; for the next two weeks, try stating the OPPOSITE for one or two of these perceived weaknesses. Write down in your journal or blog “I AM on top of my finances”. When talking on the phone, state “I CAN navigate the business-side of my creative endeavors well.”  By making this simple conscious choice, your sub-conscious mind will start to become more comfortable with this new reality. You’ll start to believe them. And by believing them, you’ll adapt your behavior to make them true. If you’re stumped on coming up with good affirmations to speak into your sub-conscious, check out this list of ’80 Affirmations for Entrepreneurs’.



There are certain areas of your business and financial life that are just inefficient to do yourself. Sure you COULD do them if had to, but you either don’t enjoy them or don’t do them as well as you do other things. This is where you surround yourself with an incredible team. Find a local IT Support guy if technology issues are making you pull your hair out (I keep Philtron Computing on speed-dial). Form a relationship with a great accountant if taxes and bookkeeping don’t come naturally to you (Kyle at Manninen PCalways calls me back the same day). The most brilliant creatives in history surrounded themselves with professionals in other areas so they could focus on the things they loved. And it’s a win-win. By winning in the marketplace, you gain the freedom to form your own destiny. Nobody wins in the marketplace alone.



This one is the most important. Because without it, the first two usually crumble into sawdust. Most creatives are highly independent and often outsiders. Personally, I’m pretty introverted and really need my alone time. But hear me, creatives — you NEED people around you to keep you on track for your goals. Set a weekly date with one or more person. See them in every week, rain or shine. Share with them your goals, fears, and dreams. And ask them to not let you off the hook. By surrounding ourselves with other people watching our “performance”, it compels us to follow through and helps us realize our full potential.
Challenge yourself this week. Try to embrace even one of these life-changing tools. Put it into your daily routine for 2 weeks and see if you notice any difference. Then let me know about your experience! Did it work, did it not? Be honest!