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Our Ethos

The Art of Finance was created to revitalize and reclaim the trust people have rightfully lost from working with firms that treat all of their clients as a monolith.

Through clear and actionable services, and transparent pricing, we want each of our clients to get a completely custom experience– tailored to their needs, situation, and comfort level.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, and enjoy providing education and emotional support along with high-end technical planning.

Concerned that this may be all talk? We get it. Every firm says they are different. Schedule a free consultation with us and let us show you how we walk the walk.

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The Art of Finance Team

Who we serve

The Art of Finance serves a range of clientele (and we really mean a range, not just different types of lawyers).

Over the years we have connected with and fostered expertise with subsets of people who find commonality in their journeys and experiences. These people include…

  • Creative Leaning Small Business Owners
  • Creative Types of All Ilk
  • Couples Who Have Different Financial Styles
  • People with Irregular Income
  • Couple Who Are Blending Finances for the First Time
  • Tech Industry Refugees
  • FIRE Folks
  • Young Inheritors