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A Gift


I love saying this word out loud to the groups that we speak to. I can immediately feel the crowd shift uncomfortably and I can almost hear the voices in their heads start to pipe up.

“I should maybe do that someday.”

“I don’t really make enough money to budget.”

“Oh yeah, I have MINT for that. Check.”

“I make a pretty good income, I’m fine.”

“Maybe on January first…”

I know that voice all too well because I heard it all the time. But even though I was the “we-need-a-budget” instigator in our marriage, I was the worst at sticking with it. I’m just one of those people that really enjoys starting projects, not finishing them. It just seemed like every time I’d jump on the budget bandwagon, a week or two later, I’d fall off and get trampled over. At the time, I just couldn’t figure it out why. It’s not like budgeting is a hard concept. But after going through countless tries and helping other people build out their own budgets, we’ve figured out something important.

A budget includes all the categories you spend money on, but an EFFECTIVE budget has them in the RIGHT ORDER. Why? Because visuals are SO important. For us creative people, the idea of going into a black and white excel spreadsheet every day is about as appealing as going to the dentist.

It was out of this realization that our “Best Budget Blueprint” was born. Our hope is that you take advantage of our years of budgeting experience and use this to create a budget that you’ll actually stick to. We did. It works.

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Merry Christmas!