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2020 Announcements!

This time 10 years ago we felt like we were floundering. We had been married for 2.5 years and out of University for less than that. I remember wondering if we could be successful actors like we’d been trained to be. Would we stay in Austin? Could we move to Canada? (Ha! Sometimes I confess I find myself wishing that one had panned out.) How could we afford a new car payment? Would we ever want children? Would we ever make more than $45k combined a year?

If you had told me then that 10 years from that moment I’d own a financial planning firm, look at an Emmy with my name on it every day, survive 43 hours of natural labor, AND have a successful PBS show, I’d probably have laughed in your face. I wonder what fanciful dreams I chuckle at now are lying in wait for me in this next decade. 

However, there are TWO things that aren’t a mystery that I am pleased as punch to finally get to share with you. 

1. WE HAVE A SPACE ALL OUR OWN. You read that right. 800 square feet of amazing space is ready for us to welcome clients to The Art of Finance to kick off this next decade. We’ve been at a co-working space since we opened  four years ago and we’re ready for the next step. At the time of this writing, we’ve changed out fluorescent lights, were horrified by but managed to make friends with beige, removed ugly fans, obsessed over colors, scoped out desks, and have generally been psyched as heck to move in. So, get ready for some Pinterest-level cuteness in 2020. You can follow me on my insta for updates on that @julialorenzolson.

2. OUR 2020 THEME – I’m about to say something unpopular, but here it goes. The whole “new year new you” can take a hike. As a matter of fact, I think 2019 you was pretty freaking awesome already. I also think that the cycle of self-loathing, self-correction, self-sabotage is toxic for me anyway. There are a LOT of people getting rich off of convincing us we’re not ok just as we are. I’m not knocking change. I hope everyone is constantly looking to grow in wholeness, greatness, and intentionality. But so often we’re distracted by crippling self-consciousness, irrational fears, and baggage built up from past traumas. Those things will always be around, but they don’t have to have the last word. I believe if we get to know and build compassion for the self we are rather then chasing after a fantasy version of ourselves, we just might find some peace. So, in 2020, we’re embracing the theme of self-awareness. Because if you haven’t done the work to discover why you do what you do, how can you possibly hope to do anything differently in the future?

We’re wishing you both peace and adventure this year, friends. Let’s do this.