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Bespoke Portfolio Management, Financial Planning & Coaching

Finances can be confusing and overwhelming. We’re here to help them make sense.

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About Us

The Art of Finance specializes in providing approachable, empathetic, and practical financial advice that’s tailored to your specific goals and needs.


Who We Serve

We don’t do cookie-cutter, because our clients are anything but. Our services are designed to accommodate a variety of needs. We often work with small business owners, creatives, couples combining finances, tech employees looking to transition, and so much more.

Services & Pricing


We’re a fee-only fiduciary firm. This means we won’t sell you insurance policies you don’t need, or require you to have a million dollars before we will help you.

Instead, we charge a flat fee in exchange for advice.

We value transparency, so we put our costs right out in the open. Whether you’re looking for quick, focused answers or a longer journey of growth and accountability, we’ve got you covered.

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Wondering what services you actually need? We have always explained it in the context of learning how to drive and maintain a car.

Cash Flow Coaching is driving school. Strategy sessions help design on your road trip. Wealth Management is access to a full service garage.