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The Art of Finance is a fee-based financial planning firm dedicated to helping creative minds negotiate the complexities of personal finance.
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A Different Culture

for a Different Client

The Creative Class is overlooked and ignored by the financial industry. And we aren’t okay with that. 

As a performers and teachers, Philip and Julia realized that the deck was stacked against their fellow creatives. While perfecting their crafts, so many artists were never taught the importance of basic personal finance skills. The sad result was that they saw person after person show exceptional artistic prowess, yet fail financially. Money was the stumbling block for almost everybody.

We at Creative Finance believe there’s hope. You can gain clarity on your financial life. You can avoid pitfalls and get momentum working in your favor. You can win.

Creatives: this is the financial planning team

that believes in you.

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Philip's favorite color is chartreuse. He's a huge fan of theater, though Mamma Mia and other jukebox musicals often leave him questioning this choice. He has a passion for bacon, but only when he's away from home. Oh, and he's also a triathlete, no big deal.

Philip Olson, CFP ®

Financial Planner + Co-Founder
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Julia can sometimes be found combing Youtube for bad 60's period dramas (she loves those). She can't stand olives, crab or pickles. Yet somehow her marriage still stands. Julia has a burning desire to hike in Scotland and snorkle in the Maldives.

Julia Lorenz Olson

Chief Purveyor of Awesome + Co-Founder